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Washable rugs, when rugs start to make sense

As many of you know I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by beautiful rugs on a daily basis due to the nature of my business. Every now and then I discover something and I get so excited I want to have it immediately so I want to share my latest discovery with you.

One day as I was browsing on Instagram, I saw a beautiful photo of a rug that had a baby on it and the caption said "Washable rugs, when rugs start to make sense" which intrigued me. The colours and design were so cute and beautiful I had to click on the link to the website. The more I looked at the photos of the rugs, the more I wanted the rugs in my store as I have been asked countless times by moms if my rugs are easy to wash as they have young kids as well as pets and don't want their new rug to look dirty after a month. My usual response was to give them advice on how to clean their newly purchased rug in the correct manner depending on the composition of the rug but I had never been able to tell them "no problem just put it in the washing machine!"

Lorena Canals Stars - Pink

Lorena Canals Stars - Grey

As I explored more details of these fabulous washable rugs I found out they were 100% cotton, were made with toxin free dyes, were handmade and were light and easy to carry. Wow! How much more could you ask for!

For those who don't know me, I have two kids, Daniel who is 20 and Chloe who is 15. When Daniel was born I was your typical paranoid new mom that did not lay my baby on the floor for fear of germs and for fear of it not being hygienic enough. I would wash my hands before and after every nappy (diaper) change and insisted on family washing their hands if they wanted to hold my baby (by the way, my husband was more paranoid than me when it came to germs and the kids which I might blog about in another blog so please don't judge). If Daniel wanted to crawl I would lay a clean sheet or blanket on the carpet and allowed him to play on that but never on the bare floor. Knowing that the blanket had been washed recently made me feel good as well as knowing if he dropped food on it and then proceeded to grab it and eat it that it was ok as it was a clean surface. Obviously having a blanket or sheet on the floor didn't make the room look pretty when visitors came. I would have loved to have had the option of owning a soft washable rug that he could play on, that I could wash as often as needed and that made his bedroom look beautiful.

I contacted the distributor and placed an order immediately for my first order of Lorena Canals rugs. The rugs have arrived and are now available in my store. Pop in to see the collection and tell us what you think. We have a feeling you will love them as much as we do.

Here are some of the Lorena Canals rugs now available in my store.

(Photo and video from Lorena Canals)

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